bioExpert Witness Testimony,
Prosthetic Consulting Services and
Product Evaluation

Rick Riley is an amputee prosthetist who has been providing prosthetic consulting services for over 25 years. He has been an expert witness for legal cases specializing in projecting lifetime prosthetic needs for over 190 cases since 1989.


Having personally experienced a legal battle after losing my own limb in a traumatic amputation, I realized that there was not a consistent method for determining the lifetime prosthetic costs for an amputee. I developed an individualized system for projecting an amputees needs using many factors to determine replacement rates

This system has been effective in over 190 cases. I assist both plaintiff and defense teams as a consultant and expert witness in lawsuits and settlements involving amputees.

I produce the same report whether representing plaintiff or defense with the basic premise being to return the amputee to the closest style of pre-amputation lifestyle as is possible with current technology. I have often been utilized by defense counsel to inject a level of reality into extreme plaintiff claims.

If you are searching for an expert with experience and a straightforward manner, then I can help.  As an amputee, I have the experience and expertise to assist your team to understand amputees.

Review the information on the website and contact me by phone at 775-830-1783 or email me at rickslegs@gmail.com