bioProsthetic Consulting Services

Rick Riley has been providing prosthetic expert witness services for over 30 years. He is an amputee/prosthetist who has experienced all aspects of amputation life and the legal aspects of limb loss. In 1974, he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and was involved in a law suit and first hand found out about the American legal system. He pursued a career in Prosthetics and became a certified Prosthetist in 1982. His experience as an amputee involved in litigation led him to explore the process of projecting the lifetime prosthetic costs of the amputee.

In addition to his duties as a prosthetic clinician and eventually clinician/business owner, he began to provide expert witness services for law firms in 1989. Since that time he has owned two prosthetic businesses worked with thousands of amputees as a clinician and provided expert witness services in over 200 cases over 30 years.

Today, Rick works with both plaintiff and defense teams to project the lifetime prosthetic costs of the amputee. Sixty percent of his cases are defense and forty percent are plaintiff but the process of projecting their needs is the same, regardless of representation. He and his staff have developed a custom process to project prosthetic costs and it has been tested in cases for over 30 years and in many jurisdictions. Rick has been deposed hundreds of times and has been on the stand dozens of times in numerous states. His experience in prosthetic legal matters can be very helpful to legal teams striving to understand the challenges of amputation and the prosthetic solutions that can be effective.

Tom Martin is a certified Prosthetist from South Carolina, an amputee/prosthetist who has owned and managed a clinical facility, Anderson Prosthetics and Orthotics. He is a dedicated clinician and has worked with thousands of amputees throughout his career. Tom has a unique perspective on all aspects of amputee life and is skilled in communicating complex prosthetic concepts to lay persons. He has successfully handled over 40 cases in the past three years, balancing the unique challenges of both plaintiff and defense.

Jill Dickinson-Riley is a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Life Care Planner. She has over 30 years of pediatric physical therapy experience working in all levels of pediatric care. Her experience with federal, state, and local provision of services gives her a unique insight into pediatric issues. Whether you need a life care planner or expertise in pediatric services, Jill’s experience is invaluable.

Review the information on the website and contact Rick by phone at 775-830-1783 or email at rickslegs@gmail.com