Client Testimonials

An outstanding advocate

“Richard Riley’s experience as an amputee and a prosthetist makes him uniquely qualified to provide expert witness testimony in prosthetics.

He has developed a system whereby he projects a year-by-year analysis of prosthetic-related costs based upon his 22 years as a prosthetist and 28 years as an amputee. In addition, Mr. Riley’s demeanor and knowledge make him an outstanding advocate for a client’s needs.” John B. Mulligan – Avansino, Melarkey, Knobel & Mulligan

Great credibility

“I have used Rick’s services in a number of cases where my clients’ prosthetic needs were a critical issue for future damages. , extremely compassionate when dealing with my clients, and very responsive to my questions and concerns as a trial lawyer.His real-world experience gives him great credibility and he is always a pleasure to work with.” Bruce L. Braley – Dutton, Braun, Staack & Hellman, P.L.C.

A pleasure to work with

“I highly recommend Rick Riley as an expert witness or consultant in any case involving amputated limbs or prosthetic devices. I have used Rick as an expert witness on a number of these cases and have found him to be a very credible and persuasive witness.

Rick has over twenty years of experience as a prosthetist and is not only aware of the latest developments in prosthetic devices, but has actually designed and built state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs that have helped his patients regain a functional ability that they thought was lost forever.

Rick’s unique experience as an amputee for almost 30 years gives him an insight into what an amputee faces on a daily basis. His achievements, including competing as a member of the United States Disabled Ski Team, shows what can be accomplished with available prosthetic devices and determination. He is always a pleasure to work with.” Paul T. Reid – Shook, Hardy & Bacon

“I want to thank you for assisting me in this matter. I learned a lot from you. Thank you also for being so responsive when I needed something quickly, and so patient as you explained things to me. It was a pleasure working with you. Should I get another case that requires your unique talents, I will not hesitate to contact you.” – Mark W