Contract and Fees

Prosthetic Consulting Services

Fees for services are as follows:

  • $4000 retainer
  • $400 USD/hr for research and review of materials
  • $800 USD/hr for deposition
  • $400 USD/hr for travel (maximum $3200 USD/day for travel)
  • $5000 USD/day for trial testimony

To contract the services of Prosthetic Consulting Services, you must print, sign and return a copy of our Consulting Agreement.

Click below to download the Consulting Agreement:

PCS Consulting Agreement

To view and print our Consulting Agreement you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, available free from

Note: Save the Consulting Agreement directly to your hard drive if prompted. Or, if it appears in your browser window choose File > Save in your browser’s menu and save to the desired location on your hard drive.