Expert Witness Consulting


When I lost my leg, I sued the construction company that had been involved in the site where the accident occurred. My prosthetist was charged with projecting my prosthetic needs for the rest of my life.

The figure he gave my attorney would not have kept me in prostheses for five years, let alone the fifty some years of my life expectancy. When I became a prosthetist I saw a need for a systematic approach to projecting the prosthetic needs of the amputee.

Expert Witness Testimony

I have provided expert witness testimony in over 30 cases in the past twenty years. I have been on the stand and withstood numerous depositions. I have worked with sloppy legal teams and others who left no stone unturned in their pursuit of information that improved their client’s case. My case history record is balanced with over 40% of the cases for the defense.

Defining Needs Analysis for Prosthetic Devices

I create a personalized Needs Analysis that bases the replacement of prosthetic devices on the amputee’s activity level. I base the premise of the report on medical records or deposition testimony which is all part of the court record. I minimize conclusions based solely on my experience. Being an amputee myself, I help any team project an accurate portrayal of realistic expectations of amputee life.