Our Expert Prosthetic Team Members

Rick Riley, CP, FAAOP – Rick pioneered prosthetic expert witness projection and developed strategies to create an individualized cost analysis of an amputee’s prosthetic needs. His systematized approach produces a yearly analysis of projected expenses that allow for allocation of resources for the amputee. This system is constantly being improved as new data and regulations influence the cost as well as the replacement of prosthetic devices.

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Tom Martin, CPO, MHA – Tom has been trained in the systems that we use to project prosthetic needs and is anxious to engage in this avenue of service. His experience and background are very similar to Rick’s and his recent masters in Hospital Administration shows his attention to detail that is necessary to provide analyses that will withstand the pressures of legal scrutiny. He has Rick’s expertise and advice to guide him through the challenges of the legal world.

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Jill Dickinson-Riley, PT, MBA, LCP – Jill has been working in the pediatric Physical Therapy world for over 30 years and has extensive experience with long term disability. Her work with all levels of government structure gives her an insight into the legal obligations of health care. Whether you need a life care planner or expertise in pediatric cost projections, Jill’s experience and education (MBA, business owner, clinical PT) make her one of the most knowledgeable professionals in pediatrics.

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